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U12 and younger age divisions must utilize small-sided rules of play
8v8 w/Goalkeeper | U9/U10: 6v6 w/Goalkeeper | U7/U8: 4v4 No Goalkeeper | U5/U6: 3v3 No Goalkeeper

We shall abide by all statements made in our approved US Youth Soccer Application to Host A Tournament or Games, in our tournament invitation, in our tournament rules, in the US Youth Soccer Travel and Tournament Policy and in this US Youth Soccer Tournament or Games Hosting Agreement. We agree that all decisions regarding acceptance of teams into a tournament shall be fairly and impartially made and shall not be based upon race, creed, color or national origin and that we will notadvertise by any means the tournament or games until all approvals are received.

INVITATIONS: The tournament or games approval form shall accompany all tournament or games invitations distributed.

HOUSING: We agree that we will not require a team to use only accommodations approved or provided by the hosting organization orother organization, unless disclosure is made on the tournament application form of the required hotel/motel names and the guaranteed rates.

PROCURING LIABILITY INSURANCE: We have procured liability insurance coverage for the tournament or games with limits of not less than $1,000,000/$2,000,000 which names the State Association or Affiliate with which the Hosting Organization is a member, US Youth Soccer and their officers and directors as additional insureds. A copy of the certificate of insurance is attached issued by .

REQUIRING MEDICAL AUTHORIZATIONS: We shall require all teams participating in the tournament or games to provide medicalauthorizations for each player in a form adequate for use at the site of the tournament or games. These authorizations shall bepresented to the Hosting Organization at registration and kept at the field available for use by the team.

ADVANCE PUBLICATION OF RULES: We agree that our tournament or games rules shall be included with the invitation sent to eachteam and shall, again, be published to all teams accepted prior to the start of the tournament/games.

CREDENTIALS CHECKS: We agree that we shall conduct credentials checks to ensure that all players are registered with US Youth Soccer or US Soccer or a member thereof or their national association, properly rostered with their team, and participating inaccordance with representations set forth on the US Youth Soccer Application to Host a Tournament or Games. We agree that we will not modify or mark any way original rosters or member passes; and will not register any player, coach, or team official or issue any member pass.

USE OF FIELD MARSHALS - FIELD INSPECTION: We agree that during the tournament or games each game field will have a field marshal assigned to it at all times; that the field marshal will be readily available and identifiable; that prior to the commencement ofevery game the field marshal will inspect the field to be sure that it is free from objects or conditions that may cause injury. If anycondition exists which cannot be immediately corrected, it shall be brought to the attention of the referee and the tournament /gamesdirector.

USE OF US SOCCER REGISTERED REFEREES: We agree that we shall, in accordance with US Soccer Bylaw 532, use for all games only US Soccer registered referees who are in good standing (unless US Soccer has granted a waiver to allow the use ofauthorized referees from another country), and shall use a one- or 3-referee system. There will be an adequate number of US Soccer registered referees available in the area during the tournament or game dates to cover the scheduled games. We have selected the following assignor to assign referees for the tournament or games (NOTE: ONLY US Soccer certified assignors may be used.)

USE OF SPECTATOR LINES: We agree to take appropriate steps including, where feasible, the use of spectator lines on each field to keep the spectators off the touchline.

PROVISION OF ADEQUATE TOURNAMENT COMMUNICATION: We agree to provide adequate communication by means of between the game fields and the tournament/games headquarters.

AVAILABILITY OF POLICE AND RESCUE SERVICE: We have notified the local police, ambulance, and emergency rescue services of the date of the tournament or games and the times and fields which will be used for games, and have been advised by them that they will be available to render assistance if needed.

TOURNAMENT OR GAME RULES – BEHAVIOR: We agree that our tournament or game rules contain provisions ensuring that the behavior of teams, players, coaches, and spectators is appropriately controlled, including specific provisions that—

  • Spell out the disciplinary measures to be imposed for the issuance of red and yellow cards or other improper conduct;
  • indicate what procedures will be followed regarding protests and appeals;
  • indicate that all disciplinary measures imposed by hosting organizations shall be limited to placing restrictions uponan individual's group participation in the tournament/games;
  • record the issuance of all red and yellow cards and other matters involving the conduct of a team, its players,coaches, and supporters and also report them immediately to the home State Association and the home club/leagueof the team; and
  • state that the home State Association or Affiliate and the home club or league shall, except in the case of referee assault or abuse, have the responsibility for imposing, should circumstances warrant, additional penalties within theirrespective jurisdictions with regard to any matters arising from the tournament or games.
TOURNAMENT CANCELLATION: We agree that our tournament or game rules shall state what refunds, if any, shall be made to participating teams if all or a portion of the tournament or games is cancelled by the hosting organization for any reason.

POST TOURNAMENT OR GAMES REPORT: We agree that we shall file a Post Tournament or Games Report with the State Association or Affiliate granting us permission to host this tournament or games within 30 days after the conclusion of the tournament or games. We understand that failure to file the report shall preclude the tournament/games host from receiving approval for any tournament/games for the following seasonal years until the report is filed. The Post Tournament or Games Report shall include the following information:

  • the number of teams participating in each age group (boys and girls);
  • if a champion is determined, the name of the champion for each group;
  • the number of teams from each State Association, Affiliate, other Organization Member, or foreign country;
  • if "Sportsmanship Awards" are given, the criteria for the award and to whom awards were given;
  • the number of fields used for the tournament/games;
  • the name of the sponsor, if any; and
  • the names and teams of all players issued red and yellow cards, and details of any other matters involving the improper or unsportsmanlike conduct of a team, its players, coaches or supporters. NOTE: Any incident of referee assault or referee abuse by a player, coach, manager, club official, or game official, or other incidents of a serious nature, must be reported to the alleged offender’s club or league and home State Association, Affiliate, or other Organization Member immediately, but in no event later than 48 hours after an incident of referee assault or abuse.
I hereby have read and agree to all terms in the above US Youth Soccer/Mississippi Soccer Association Agreement.

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