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Boys Scores Girls Scores
U10 StateU10 State
U11 Elite1U11 Elite1
U11 Elite2U11 Elite2
U11 Premier1U11 Premier1
U11 Premier2U11 Premier2
U11 StateU11 State
U12 Elite1 (11v11)U12 Elite1 (11v11)
U12 Elite1 (8v8)U12 Elite1 (8v8)
U12 Elite2 (11v11)U12 Elite2 (11v11)
U12 Elite2 (8v8)U12 Elite2 (8v8)
 U12 Premier1 (11v11)
U12 State (11v11)U12 State (11v11)
U12 State (8v8)U12 State (8v8)
U13 Elite1U13 Elite1
U13 Elite2U13 Elite2
U13 Premier1U13 Premier1
U13 Premier2U13 Premier2
U13 Premier3 
U13 StateU13 State
U14 Elite1U14 Elite1
U14 Elite2U14 Elite2
U14 Premier1U14 Premier1
U14 Premier2U14 Premier2
U14 Premier3U14 Premier3
U14 StateU14 State

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