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Girls Teams Boys Teams
2003 Girls GOLD1998 Boys GOLD
2003 Girls SILVER1999 Boys GOLD
2004 Girls GOLD1999 Boys SILVER
2005 Girls GOLD2000 Boys GOLD
2005 Girls SILVER2001 Boys BLUE
2006 Girls BLUE2001 Boys GOLD
2006 Girls GOLD2001 Boys SILVER
2006 Girls SILVER2002 Boys GOLD
2007 Girls Gold2002 Boys SILVER
2007 Girls Silver2003 Boys BLUE
2008 Girls Gold2003 Boys GOLD
2008 Girls Silver2003 Boys SILVER
 2004 Boys BLUE
 2004 Boys GOLD
 2004 Boys SILVER
 2005 Boys BLUE
 2005 Boys GOLD
 2005 Boys SILVER
 2006 Boys BLUE
 2006 Boys GOLD
 2006 Boys SILVER
 2007 Boys Blue
 2007 Boys Gold
 2007 Boys Silver
 2007 Boys White
 2008 Boys Gold
 2008 Boys Silver

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